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What does Building Organizational Capacity mean?

Organizational capacity is the strategies, systems, processes and policies that run an organization. It is the operational infrastructure of an organization; how the organization is managed. There is a definite relationship between organizational capacity and the organization ability to accomplish mission, deliver services and attract funders.

We can help start-up organizations build strong infrastructure from the ground-up. We can help organizations undergoing significant growth or other changes who find they are operating with the same support structures, procedures and systems of communications used prior to growth, and people that have not been deployed in a way that best supports the organizations business objectives.


How will our consulting services benefit your organization?

•  Ability to strategically fund your organization rather than exhausting its resources “chasing after dollars”.

•  Ability to locate funding through Local, State, Federal, Private and Corporate sources;

•  Knowledge of key targeted areas for public and private dollars;

•  Proven ability to prepare “winning” grant proposals

•  Established success in strengthening organizational capacity to effectively compete for funds and help more people

•  Ability to manage received grant funds in compliance with applicable OMB-Circulars, GAAP and funder requirements.

•  Recognized achievement in helping communities and organizations to grow and improve their quality of operations


What is Fund Development Planning?

Fund Development Planning is strategically determining how to fund your organization to ensure its effectiveness to achieve its mission, goals and objectives, and securing its sustainability. It looks at bringing revenue into the organization by increasing both the amounts of funds and the types of funds. Fund Development Planning also ensures that an organization will remain true to its reason for existing and not allow its desperate “chasing dollars” to alter its mission.


What grant services do you provide?

We consult with an organization to determine what their needs are, if they are eligible and able to compete effectively for grants, what programs or ideas are fundable, prioritize programs by fundability.

We conduct a comprehensive funding research and match the funding-eligible needs of the organization with funding sources and provide a list of best matches most likely to support the client's needs. A written client work plan is developed identifying grant proposals to be completed in the coming months along with a project description, targeted funding sources, dollar amount requested, and specific submission target dates for each listed proposal. The proposal preparation begins with a discussion of the project/program design and methodology to ensure its conformity to funding interest of targeted grant maker's funding interest. We compose letters of intent, draft proposals, including the budget and evaluation plan. We type proofread and compile all documents necessary for submission to the funding source.


Who can apply for a grant?

There is a lot of misinformation being circulated that is misleading a lot of people. If you want to start or expand a for-profit business, you need to a loan or investors. Grants for personal needs such as mortgage payments, buying a house for individuals, groceries, rent, utility payments, child care expenses, car payments, insurance, or debt consolidations, outside of welfare or State-type “aid to families” programs do not exist. There are programs that may help with down payments and will guarantee your loan, depending on your circumstances and a whole lot of different criteria. To promote economic development and revitalize neighborhoods there are organizations committed to providing affordable homes for purchase.

There are grants out there to be used to meet and to help meet many, many needs. Anyone can apply for grant money depending on your need or the need of your community or organization:

•  Nonprofit and Community Groups

•  Educational Institutions

•  State and Local Governments

•  Health Care Organizations

•  Small Businesses who are conducting Research and Development

•  Minorities

•  Women

•  Entrepreneurs

•  Individuals


Do you work on contingency or for a percentage of the grant?

No we do not. In keeping with the ethical principles of professional fundraisers, ROC Consultants does not accept compensation based on a percentage of grant funds raised. Philanthropic and government organizations that grant money consider it highly unethical to work on a contingency basis or for a percentage of the grant. Our company will provide your organization with a well written proposal to meet the funding guidelines of various philanthropic organizations or government requests for proposals




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